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Strapped to the bed

As if getting fucked silly and getting a load of spooge all over him wasn’t enough, Toby – just lying there naked and helpless, still strapped to the bed and still with a raging hard on – was just too tempting. Why waste the minutes just staring at this fine young lad? Why not go ahead and finish him off with a butt plug, nipple clamps and some mean cock teasing, eh? Darn. Wish i was there. For more sets and more of Toby, visit Boynapped.

Guy Deep Probing

He’s getting more than he asked. This is not exactly what Seth Roberts had in mind when he took some cash from Luke and Leroy earlier. He thought it would be just another threeway but the situation got kinkier and kinkier, with the twink getting all cuffed, strapped and restrained like a rabid dog. Being in restraints he could not do anything as Seb abused and probed his arse with toys of varying sizes, with the anal speculum as the jaw dropping finale. I guess Seth re-learned that you should not really trust strangers, no matter how charming and cute they are. Check this out at Boynapped.

Boy Thieves

so howd’ya like yer boys? Me – i prefer them strapped to the posts of my bed, stripped nekkid and gagged. blindfolds are optional. if i’m gonna have his way with his nice, smooth, tight bod i want him to see (and feel every minute of it.) Sadly, since I’ve been quite busy lately – it’s been awhile since i had some real live boy. Thanks to sites like Boynapped however, fantasies do come to life and even if I get to enjoy the experience secondhand, it’s still precious to see these lovely, beautiful boys getting fucked to bits. Pictured above are baitbois Mark Lloyd and William Brooklyn preparing Aaron Jackson for the first part of a hot fuck session. For more photos and a preview, visit Boynapped.

Dildo machine fucking guy

Not a lot can handle the intensity of these fucking machines – and those who are able to endure them and come out of it with their cum flying all over the place truly deserves a round of applause. Take Conner Habib – seeing his fine hairy body in the shower is reward enough, but wait til he goes one on one with three the feisty machines lined up for him. He has shown that he may be new at this but he certainly has the will – and he’s horny enough – to take down all difficult machines in one session. And so, let me say this, Conner Habib is my new hero. Look for him at Butt Machine Boys.

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Punishing twink

You know how it is like in the movies when you know something bad is about to happen? That’s how it felt like in the first minutes of this clip. But the bad – or actually the hardcore is all welcome here. So twinky Leo Paris was caught sneaking around an abandoned warehouse and of course, made to pay the price. He was bound, spanked and forced to suck on Sebastian’s cock. No body parts flying around here but there’s plenty of boy goo spilling all over the place. Check this out on Boynapped.

Straight boys fan

You can probably accuse Broke Straight Boys about a lot of things but not listening to their fans is not one of them. In this update, they got one of their loyal subscribers, Ryan to appear on the site. He’s gay of course, but he’s darn sexy. And for being such a fan, he’s paired with his favourite model Zak. It does pay to keep on coming back to a site you like eh and letting webmasters know how you feel about the site. I should start emailing them too. Who knows? I could be on their next update with —- hmm — who to pick, who to pick?

Sperm donation

Rex was one of the students who donated for a sperm donation drive a couple of updates back. He’s back on the examining table since he’s complaining of stomach cramps. There are no other visible symptoms so the good doctor – well, being the good doctor that he is decided to get down to the gritty and explore deeper. One thing lead to another and before he the doctor can give a diagnosis and a prescription, Rex’s hard cock is spurting torrents of warm barely legal cum in his mouth. Well, sometimes all you need is a good blow. Click here and join the fun on College Boy Physicals.