Boy Thieves

so howd’ya like yer boys? Me – i prefer them strapped to the posts of my bed, stripped nekkid and gagged. blindfolds are optional. if i’m gonna have his way with his nice, smooth, tight bod i want him to see (and feel every minute of it.) Sadly, since I’ve been quite busy lately – it’s been awhile since i had some real live boy. Thanks to sites like Boynapped however, fantasies do come to life and even if I get to enjoy the experience secondhand, it’s still precious to see these lovely, beautiful boys getting fucked to bits. Pictured above are baitbois Mark Lloyd and William Brooklyn preparing Aaron Jackson for the first part of a hot fuck session. For more photos and a preview, visit Boynapped.

Sperm donation

Rex was one of the students who donated for a sperm donation drive a couple of updates back. He’s back on the examining table since he’s complaining of stomach cramps. There are no other visible symptoms so the good doctor – well, being the good doctor that he is decided to get down to the gritty and explore deeper. One thing lead to another and before he the doctor can give a diagnosis and a prescription, Rex’s hard cock is spurting torrents of warm barely legal cum in his mouth. Well, sometimes all you need is a good blow. Click here and join the fun on College Boy Physicals.